Timeline Wireless Solutions

End to End Reliable Network Deployment



Your Number One Choice For Any Telecom Solutions Services, Distributed Antenna Systems And Small Cells


Timeline Wireless Solutions

End to End Reliable Network Deployment



Your Number One Choice For Any Telecom Solutions Services, Distributed Antenna Systems And Small Cells


Timeline Wireless Solutions

End to End Reliable Network Deployment



Your Number One Choice For Any Telecom Solutions Services, Distributed Antenna Systems And Small Cells



Our strength lies in our ability to deliver innovative technology solutions projects...

  • On time,
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  • Of the highest quality.


Where we can work for you

TWS specializes in providing wireless coverage in places where traditional towers can't.

From 5G coverage in airports, WiFi in apartment complexes, or public safety in hotels and highrises,

TWS Engineers are the best in the industry at creating cost-effective solutions for your most complex wireless network needs.




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TWS prioritize our core values to keep our clients and partners satisfied and use best practices to maintain a sustainable business relationship with them.
We are committed to maintaining a high level of proficiency in everything we do to achieve first class results. We are passionate about our work and solving our clients’ problems by using our experience, talent and attention to detail and follow through. Management and staff partner together to ensure we all continue to advance our skills, knowledge and credentials in our areas of expertise.
In ourselves and in our processes, we are flexible, creative and open-minded to finding new and innovative ways to benefit our customers and improve our company.
We are devoted to establishing trust and acting honestly to provide a superior level of client service. We strive for the highest standards of integrity in the quality of our work to ensure complete, functional, purpose-driven solutions for our clients.

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TWS is a Telecommunications solutions service consulting firm that provide comprehensive services and Turnkey solutions to create lasting customer relationship on a global scale. TWS has the experience in network design, deployment, and maintenance to ensure your indoor venue or community has ample cellular coverage.

Despite the COVID19 economic dilemma, the Telecom service industry provide indispensable utility just like water and electricity. We deliver multiple tech centric solutions that are essential to many high Enterprise level business, building owners, Tier 1 Wireless service providers and government and Federal establishment.

We can help you decide on the right technologies for your wireless solutions and perform any wireless project at a cost-effective margin from start and finish to our clients satisfaction. We help operators improve their signal strength and network capacity at indoor venues and help increase coverage in outstretched areas.

In Todays world, Over 80% of mobile data traffic occurs inside buildings. It’s to no bombshell that In-Building Wireless is often considered the “fourth” utility followed by water, electricity and heating/air-conditioning. To satisfy the “always connected” lifestyle of mobile subscribers, mobile operators, building owners and integrators must deliver the quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) mobile users expert anywhere, at any time in order to increase the property value.

To meet the new customer requirements and to stay ahead of the business curve, wireless telecommunication service providers have to continuously expand their service area and roll out new technologies. Due to the capacity demands resulting from the exponential growth in the use of mobile broadband data, the service provider has to roll out new technologies like LTE, VoLTE, and Super LTE. The bottom line is that technology keeps changing according to the customer’s need and Wireless service providers have to deliver a reliable and efficient network.

We have all experience instances where connectivity is lost in a particular location from our mobile devices. This demand comes up more and more when we are in crowded locations and in large buildings where coverage is not always the best or available at all.

The introduction of 5G has created a demand for massive data usage by IOT devices. wireless operators are finding it difficult to match their capacity to meet the increasing demand of their consumer and business customers. These demands for broadband services by consumers and businesses requires a well-designed in-building infrastructure to meet both the coverage and capacity for all types of indoor and outdoor venues.


Today’s first responders not only rely on dependable voice communication, but increasingly also on data, telemetry, and location information. In an emergency situation where a matter of seconds can mean the difference between life or death, every tool at the first responder’s disposal must be absolutely reliable.

In-building public safety, reliable coverage is required at all times, and everywhere public has access to, so that emergency personnel can reach out when necessary. In the event of a crisis, public safety personnel and first responders require reliable emergency responder radio coverage. Being able to communicate with their public safety two-way radio systems in-buildings is crucial for the first responders to respond and execute time-sensitive and mission-critical tasks to protect the public. An Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) is often installed to provide these necessary means of communications.

Over the years, public safety communications has evolved from simple fire call boxes, to analog land mobile radios (LMR), to digital LMRs and trunked radio systems. Today the evolution continues with a shift to multi-mode communications combining LTE, data communications such as email, apps and VoIP, and Internet of Things (IoT). These new IoT appliances such as sensors, infrared, location mapping and drones can provide significant value for first responders yet without the right communications network in place, they are simply not available.

In addition to safety, having reliable coverage is a solid investment which could improve property class ratings and reduce insurance costs.

Imagine you are a building owner and an emergency crisis situation breaks out, such as a devastating fire. You call 911 and are relying on the brave emergency responders to save your tenets’ lives and the building. Once inside the building, firefighters rely on their radio systems to communicate with one another in addition to the first responders outside the building. In an emergency situation clear and effective communication is key. They are working together against the clock to save lives while putting the fire out, and hopefully escaping unscathed themselves.

But what if their communication breaks down? They are deep inside the burning building and they don’t get radio coverage? What if there is an injury and the first responders need back up—but their radios are ineffective to contact anyone for help? Someone will have to leave to go find help, wasting crucial time to be able to get out of the building safely. When the proper wireless communication systems are not in place, the results can be fatal.

TWS is on the cutting edge of next generation wireless technologies. We are actively performing 5G mmWave and CBRS design and have extensive experience with LAA testing and optimization. We host internal training on new technologies to increase the knowledge base of our staff and bring forward-looking perspectives to our clients.

Private LTE networks provide users with all the advantages of a commercial cellular network and the ability to implement customer specific applications for users of the private network. Private LTE networks have been used to replace two-way radio systems, and in some cases, WiFi with higher quality, more secure service. Easily supports unlimited IoT networks to manage things like HVAC efficiency, access solutions, manufacturing processes and more

CBRS is a frequency band, not a technology. This highly valuable spectrum is now available to end users that do not want to be beholden to the mobile network operators or need more custom features than they can provide.

The number of devices that are CBRS / Private LTE compatible is increasing every day.

WiFi Use-Cases cover the full business spectrum. Companies of all sizes are looking for new ways to leverage improved WiFi technology to make their operations more efficient, to increase the satisfaction of their customers and to speed the delivery of products and services.

Businesses are seeking every available competitive advantage in today's fast-moving marketplace. Providing guest networks, social media integration, customer analytics, location-based services, and WiFi threat detection. These are the keys to engaging users, and retaining customersEnterprise class WiFi features providing the reliability, accessibility, security, ease of use and scalability needed to support every WiFi workflow for businesses of all sizes.


Using sophisticated tools and software, TWS engineers measure and map current signal levels within a venue.CW testing/Benchmark/optimization/baseline etc For commercial cellular applications, this is a necessary step to determine the thresholds a new systems should be designed to, as well as, understanding coverage holes.
For public safety, your building may have adequate coverage from the outside tower network. In this case, TWS can scientifically measure and document this compliance.


TWS is most known for our design capabilities. From stadiums to hospitals, prisons to hotels, and everything in between, we've designed a coverage system for it. Our engineers are certified with all of the major equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and design tools (iBwave, Ranplan, AToll, etc.) We vast experience designing and optimizing all technologies and equipment vendor platforms including new site turn-ups, technology upgrades, and improvement of poorly performing areas in mature networks. Our popular Special Event Monitoring service grants us the opportunity to witness networks at extreme levels of traffic, interference, and user behavior, and we've learned what techniques work best to maximize the customer experience. Supporting the world's biggest telecom operators, we have observed what techniques deliver the best results and we implement those best practices on your network to achieve performance improvements in a short amount of time.


Wireless operators have very rigid standards that every DAS must pass before the system is allowed to be brought on-air. Public Safety AHJ's also have increasingly high standards for system acceptance.

TWS engineers have in-depth knowledge of these standards and have successfully performed these tests on numerous DAS installations. Our team possesses every certification the major DAS and Small Cell equipment manufacturers offer



• Radio Installation
  • • BBU Upgrades
  • • Backhaul/ Demarc Equipment
  • • Cabling
  • • Field Surveys
  • • Testing
  • • Service Restoration
  • • Preventive Maintenance

Our Network Operations and Maintenance is designed to help operators reduce the complexity of their network, post-deployment. We offer cost-effective remote, web-based, and on-site technical support for different customer profiles. Whether you are an operator, equipment vendor, or OEM; we have network maintenance professionals that understand communications equipment, open-system environments, and an agile framework.

Our technicians and engineers have a deep understanding of common problems and can also resolve complex network issues through a series of structured processes and procedures to ensure an optimal cost benefit to maintenance. Our mindset when it comes to maintenance revolves around maximizing network uptime. While ensuring uptime, we work towards increasing availability and performance too. Partnering with TWS Networks, our partners enjoy an improved network efficiency, reduced operating cost, and we also provide best practices to our partner’s internal team on routine checks, reporting, as well as risk assessment and mitigation.

Ensuring a reliable and secure network requires a top down understanding of the network infrastructure beyond just the maintenance aspect. A thorough understanding of the installation, operation, and administration is what add to the technical expertise any company should look for in an outsourced option for telecommunications support. Contact TWS Networks today and see how we can provide reliability and security to your telecom services.

TWS teams bring the technical skills needed to oversee all aspects of your workforce, mitigating risk and delivering stability across the end-to-end journey. Your will have the benefit of

  • - Control over staff
  • - Integration with internal processes
  • - Leverage existing resources
  • - Specialist expertise
  • - Flexible for changing needs
  • - Reduced employer burdens
  • - Easier internal acceptance


  • E911 Compliance Support
  • Regulatory Support
  • MPE Analysis Services
  • RF Safety Services

TWS has performed all aspects of project planning, execution, and best practices leadership for end-to-end compliance programs as well as preparation, testing, and consulting on emerging 911 technologies. Indoor LBS, ESInet next generation architectures, and emerging technologies are changing overall E911 and AGPS data sources and testing methodologies. FES participates with industry committees and OEMs who are developing, specifying, and testing these next generation technologies.

We offer consulting services in compliance best practices recommendations, program management, and large scale project execution, and also MPE study services (remote desktop or on-site survey) and EME and RF Compliance services including RF safety barrier design and mitigation.

TWS provides the following Compliance Services:


  • • TWS offers MPE Study services (remote desktop or on-site survey)
  • • EME and RF Compliance services includes RF Safety Barrier design and mitigation services

TWS engineers have in-depth knowledge of these standards and have successfully performed these tests on numerous DAS installations. Our team possesses every certification the major DAS and Small Cell equipment manufacturers offer

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